As time goes by, so many things are faded and forgotten. Especially, text files containing so many information, keeping them is very important. So much variables will happen as we study old books and try to translate from other languages into English. To find out what is now we have to know the past. Previous civilization will provide us valuless informations and their heritages are cornerstone of modern civilization. In this article, I will introduce 3 abstracts to know the past environment.
First of all, before internet was not available, people went to library to read books. As reading books, some remained annotations on books from single letter like X to detailed comments. so people could share and modify their thought by writhing on books.but now, with reading books available on internet, a trace can not be leaved on online books since books are scanned, they are “forever frozen” in that state but  readers use the clip tool to take or even share a passage with their social network and life narrative voices in the online archive but they can not alter the book itself.  Google’s bibliographic information was digitized from a text book located at the University of Wisconsin?Madison on 18  september 2007. the problem is that the handwriting is persistent on original book so that  the digitized book can be riddle.  However, as people studying the annotaion too on online books, they can more fully feel and read books .

Secondly, the Traduco System, a collaborative web-based application for the translation of the Babylonian Talmud (BT) into Italia, a computer-assisted translation  so called CAT constitutes it’s core. it is not only supporting translation system but also pave the way to build of Talmudic knowledge base. it also implements specific funtionalities for different type of special users.  For translation, needing common basement, people use related technologies which enable supervisors to keep work in real time.

Furthermore, annotating text in historical north Asian documents is difficult the reason is that document in chinese charater writing system does not have spaces between words. So recognizing which text is annoted is quite challenging.  We developed a method for extracting key phrases from Japanese historical documents, and it will be used in our system for automatically suggesting annotations. Researchers made a method to find out important letters, and it will be used for finding annotations automatically. Proposed method is used for the process. At first, using support vector machine (SVM), we can find annotated text and then extract non-annotated one. In exprement for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed method, this method showed a 75% precision rate. this mean is that propossed method is the effective tool for finding annotations.
To conclude, studying annotation is valuable thing. it enables people to know the original meaning of the ancient texts more easily and deeply. We will be able to work for reconstructing Ancient Venice with effect and learning exquisitly those method will make us to know thought and feeling of ancient people.  about completing our task as a whole, we will see the present clearly through history